While our original focus was on business improvement, in recent years we have spearheaded a range of holistic community efforts, expanding our scope to include cultural, recreational, educational, environmental and physical enhancements. Today, our goals are to:

·         Leverage significant private investment from business and property owners, corporations, foundations, and individuals to bring revitalization to the community and broaden the base of stewardship

·         Secure and strengthen Southwest Detroit's economic assets, including our historic building stock, green spaces, pedestrian-friendly shopping districts, growing residential base, and investment opportunities

·         Keep dollars generated by Southwest Detroit in Southwest Detroit by providing quality goods and services for our economically and ethnically diverse community

We achieve these goals by recognizing economic development as a multi-faceted, comprehensive strategy to stimulate broad-based investment and to grow community wealth and implement real estate development, technical assistance, community planning and organizing, and healthy environment strategies. In short, we roll up our sleeves and do what it takes to make things happen.

Where Our Efforts Take Hold:

Businesses - They are the centerpiece of the SDBA's work, and we assist by connecting them to a wide range of technical and financial resources, and by fostering a healthy climate for quality business growth.

Building - Southwest Detroit is one of the most vibrant and active areas in the city. We help promote its historic commercial buildings, create opportunities for regional shopping development in targeted locations, and assist local businesses to invest in their property through commercial renovation incentives. 

Community - We lead efforts to identify, research, and analyze critical land use, market, transportation, and public policy issues affecting economic investment in Southwest Detroit. From here, we implement community improvement activities by coordinating programming to improve the quality of life for area residents, business owners, and customers.

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