Community Planning & Advocacy

Communities are like a well-tended garden, they require planning, nurturing, expertise, and in the end, a fair amount of faith.  Southwest Detroit is one of the city's most recognizable and vibrant communities.  It has the elements of any strong, self-sustaining neighborhood- a dedicated citizenry, committed businesses, diversity, continual investment and well executed programs.  It also has the guiding hand of the Southwest Detroit Business Association.

The SDBA leads efforts to identify, research, and analyze critical land use, market, transportation, and public policy issues affecting economic investment in Southwest Detroit.  Through a collaborative process involving key stakeholders, the SDBA develops policy recommendations and programs to retain and create jobs, improve quality of life, support existing investment and generate new economic development.  

The key initiative has been the response to MDOT's proposed Detroit Intermodal Freight Terminal (DIFT) and the impact this expansion would have on the community.  As a founding member and co-coordinator with ACCESS of Communities for a Better Rail Alternative (CBRA), the SDBA has made significant progress in addressing community concerns and public awareness.  

Recognizing that a healthy community drives healthy businesses, the Southwest Detroit Business Association also partners with other area housing, social services, job training, safety, environmental, and recreational agencies to advocate for quality of life improvements.  

Recent community initiatives include the Patton Park Master Plan, Southwest Detroit/Dearborn GreenWays, Gateway Communities Development Collaborative, and the Southwest Subzone Community Policing Program, and the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy's west riverfront.

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